INTRO(4)	    UNIX Programmer's Manual		 INTRO(4)

     intro - introduction to special files and hardware support

     This section describes the special files, related driver
     functions, and networking support available in the system.
     In this part of the manual, the SYNOPSIS section of each
     configurable device gives a sample specification for use in
     constructing a system description for the
     /sys/conf/configscript, the autoconfig(8), program and des-
     cibes the major and minor device numbers and their encoding.
     The DIAGNOSTICS section lists messages which may appear on
     the console and/or in the system error log /usr/adm/messages
     due to errors in device operation.

     This section contains both devices which may be configured
     into the system, ``4'' entries, and network related informa-
     tion, ``4N'', ``4P'', and ``4F'' entries; The networking
     support is introduced in intro(4N).

     This section describes the hardware supported on the DEC
     PDP-11.  Software support for these devices comes in two
     forms.  A hardware device may be supported with a character
     or block device driver, or it may be used within the net-
     working subsystem and have a network interface driver.
     Block and character devices are accessed through files in
     the file system of a special type; c.f.  mknod(8).  Network
     interfaces are indirectly accessed through the interprocess
     communication facilities provided by the system; see

     A hardware device is identified to the system at configura-
     tion time and the appropriate device or network interface
     driver is then compiled into the system.  When the resultant
     system is booted, the autoconfiguration facilities in the
     system probe for the device on either the UNIBUS (or Q-bus)
     or MASSBUS and, if found, enable the software support for
     it.  If a device does not respond at autoconfiguration time
     it is not accessible at any time afterwards.  To enable a
     device which did not autoconfigure, the system will have to
     be rebooted.

     The autoconfiguration system is described in autoconfig(8).
     A list of the supported devices is given below.

     intro(4), networking(4), config(8).

     The devices listed below are supported in this incarnation
     of the system.  Pseudo-devices are not listed.  Listed also

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INTRO(4)	    UNIX Programmer's Manual		 INTRO(4)

     are devices which are in various stages of porting to
     2.11BSD from 4.3BSD.

     Devices are indicated by their functional interface.  If
     second vendor products provide functionally identical inter-
     faces they should be usable with the supplied software.
     (Beware, however, that we promise the software works ONLY
     with the hardware indicated on the appropriate manual page.)
     Occasionally, new devices of a similar type may be added
     simply by creating appropriate table entries in the driver.

     The following are known to work:
     acc       ACC LH/DH IMP communications interface
     de        DEC DEUNA 10Mb/s Ethernet controller
     dh        DH-11 emulators, terminal multiplexor
     dhu       DHU-11 terminal multiplexor
     dz        DZ-11 terminal multiplexor
     ec        3Com 10Mb/s Ethernet controller
     hk        RK6-11/RK06 and RK07 moving head disk
     ht        TM03 MASSBUS tape drive interface (with TE-16, TU-45, TU-77)
     il        Interlan 1010, 1010A, 2010A 10Mb/s Ethernet controller
     lp        LP-11 parallel line printer interface
     qe        DEC DEQNA Q-bus 10 Mb/s Ethernet interface
     ra        DEC UDA-50, RQDX, KLESI disk controllers
     rk        DEC RK05 disk controller
     rl        DEC RL-11 disk controller
     rx        DEC RX02 floppy interface
     si        SI 9500 disk controller
     tm        TM-11/TE-10 tape drive interface
     tmscp     TMSCP-compatible tape controllers (e.g., TU81, TK50)
     ts        TS-11 tape drive interface
     vv        Proteon proNET 10Mb/s and 80Mb/s ring network interface
     xp        General purpose SMD disk controller

     The following should work:
     dr        DR-11W general purpose DMA UNIBUS interface

     The following worked in the past but will probably require work:
     css       DEC IMP-11A communications interface
     dmc       DEC DMC-11/DMR-11 point-to-point communications device
     en        Xerox 3Mb/s Ethernet controller (obsolete)
     sri       DR-11C IMP interface

     It should be possible to port these from 4.3BSD:
     ex        Excelan 10Mb/s Ethernet controller
     ix        Interlan NP-100 10Mb/s Ethernet controller
     np        Interlan NP-100 10Mb/s Ethernet controller (intelligent mode)
     pcl       DEC PCL-11 communications interface

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INTRO(4)	    UNIX Programmer's Manual		 INTRO(4)

     No idea whether any of the following could be ported:
     ad        Data translation A/D interface
     ct        C/A/T or APS phototypesetter
     ddn       ACC ACP625 DDN Standard Mode X.25 IMP interface
     dmf       DEC DMF-32 terminal multiplexor and parallel printer interface
     dmz       DEC DMZ-32 terminal multiplexor
     dn        DEC DN-11 autodialer interface
     hdh       ACC IF-11/HDH IMP interface
     hp        MASSBUS disk interface (with RP06, RM03, RM05, etc.)
     hy        DR-11B or GI-13 interface to an NSC Hyperchannel
     kg        KL-11/DL-11W line clock
     mt        TM78 MASSBUS tape drive interface
     tu        VAX-11/730 TU58 console cassette interface
     un        DR-11W interface to Ungermann-Bass
     up        Emulex SC-21V, SC-31 UNIBUS disk controller
     ut        UNIBUS TU-45 tape drive interface
     uu        TU58 dual cassette drive interface (DL11)
     va        Benson-Varian printer/plotter interface
     vp        Versatec printer/plotter interface

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