1: /*************************************************************************
   2:  * This program is copyright (C) 1985, 1986 by Jonathan Payne.  It is    *
   3:  * provided to you without charge for use only on a licensed Unix        *
   4:  * system.  You may copy JOVE provided that this notice is included with *
   5:  * the copy.  You may not sell copies of this program or versions        *
   6:  * modified for use on microcomputer systems, unless the copies are      *
   7:  * included with a Unix system distribution and the source is provided.  *
   8:  *************************************************************************/
  10: #include "jove.h"
  11: #include "ctype.h"
  13: int SyntaxTable = FUNDAMENTAL;  /* Current table to use. */
  15: char CharTable[NMAJORS][128] = {
  16: {   _C, _C, _C, _C, _C, _C, _C, _C,
  17:     _C, _C, _C, _C, _C, _C, _C, _C,
  18:     _C, _C, _C, _C, _C, _C, _C, _C,
  19:     _C, _C, _C, _C, _C, _C, _C, _C,
  20:     _P, _P, _P, _P, _P, _P, _P, _P,
  21:     _Op|_P, _Cl|_P, _P, _P, _P, _P, _P, _P,
  22:     _W|_N,  _W|_N,  _W|_N,  _W|_N,  _W|_N,  _W|_N,  _W|_N,  _W|_N,
  23:     _W|_N,  _W|_N,  _P, _P, _P, _P, _P, _P,
  24:     _P, _W|_U,  _W|_U,  _W|_U,  _W|_U,  _W|_U,  _W|_U,  _W|_U,
  25:     _W|_U,  _W|_U,  _W|_U,  _W|_U,  _W|_U,  _W|_U,  _W|_U,  _W|_U,
  26:     _W|_U,  _W|_U,  _W|_U,  _W|_U,  _W|_U,  _W|_U,  _W|_U,  _W|_U,
  27:     _W|_U,  _W|_U,  _W|_U,  _Op|_P, _P, _Cl|_P, _P, _P,
  28:     _P, _W|_L,  _W|_L,  _W|_L,  _W|_L,  _W|_L,  _W|_L,  _W|_L,
  29:     _W|_L,  _W|_L,  _W|_L,  _W|_L,  _W|_L,  _W|_L,  _W|_L,  _W|_L,
  30:     _W|_L,  _W|_L,  _W|_L,  _W|_L,  _W|_L,  _W|_L,  _W|_L,  _W|_L,
  31:     _W|_L,  _W|_L,  _W|_L,  _Op|_P, _P, _Cl|_P, _P, _C  },
  33: {   _C, _C, _C, _C, _C, _C, _C, _C,
  34:     _C, _C, _C, _C, _C, _C, _C, _C,
  35:     _C, _C, _C, _C, _C, _C, _C, _C,
  36:     _C, _C, _C, _C, _C, _C, _C, _C,
  37:     _P, _P, _P, _P, _P, _P, _P, _P|_W,
  38:     _Op|_P, _Cl|_P, _P, _P, _P, _P, _P, _P,
  39:     _W|_N,  _W|_N,  _W|_N,  _W|_N,  _W|_N,  _W|_N,  _W|_N,  _W|_N,
  40:     _W|_N,  _W|_N,  _P, _P, _P, _P, _P, _P,
  41:     _P, _W|_U,  _W|_U,  _W|_U,  _W|_U,  _W|_U,  _W|_U,  _W|_U,
  42:     _W|_U,  _W|_U,  _W|_U,  _W|_U,  _W|_U,  _W|_U,  _W|_U,  _W|_U,
  43:     _W|_U,  _W|_U,  _W|_U,  _W|_U,  _W|_U,  _W|_U,  _W|_U,  _W|_U,
  44:     _W|_U,  _W|_U,  _W|_U,  _Op|_P, _P, _Cl|_P, _P, _P,
  45:     _P, _W|_L,  _W|_L,  _W|_L,  _W|_L,  _W|_L,  _W|_L,  _W|_L,
  46:     _W|_L,  _W|_L,  _W|_L,  _W|_L,  _W|_L,  _W|_L,  _W|_L,  _W|_L,
  47:     _W|_L,  _W|_L,  _W|_L,  _W|_L,  _W|_L,  _W|_L,  _W|_L,  _W|_L,
  48:     _W|_L,  _W|_L,  _W|_L,  _Op|_P, _P, _Cl|_P, _P, _C  },
  50: {   _C, _C, _C, _C, _C, _C, _C, _C,
  51:     _C, _C, _C, _C, _C, _C, _C, _C,
  52:     _C, _C, _C, _C, _C, _C, _C, _C,
  53:     _C, _C, _C, _C, _C, _C, _C, _C,
  54:     _P, _P, _P, _P, _P|_W,  _P, _P, _P,
  55:     _Op|_P, _Cl|_P, _P, _P, _P, _P, _P, _P,
  56:     _W|_N,  _W|_N,  _W|_N,  _W|_N,  _W|_N,  _W|_N,  _W|_N,  _W|_N,
  57:     _W|_N,  _W|_N,  _P, _P, _P, _P, _P, _P,
  58:     _P, _W|_U,  _W|_U,  _W|_U,  _W|_U,  _W|_U,  _W|_U,  _W|_U,
  59:     _W|_U,  _W|_U,  _W|_U,  _W|_U,  _W|_U,  _W|_U,  _W|_U,  _W|_U,
  60:     _W|_U,  _W|_U,  _W|_U,  _W|_U,  _W|_U,  _W|_U,  _W|_U,  _W|_U,
  61:     _W|_U,  _W|_U,  _W|_U,  _Op|_P, _P, _Cl|_P, _P, _P|_W,
  62:     _P, _W|_L,  _W|_L,  _W|_L,  _W|_L,  _W|_L,  _W|_L,  _W|_L,
  63:     _W|_L,  _W|_L,  _W|_L,  _W|_L,  _W|_L,  _W|_L,  _W|_L,  _W|_L,
  64:     _W|_L,  _W|_L,  _W|_L,  _W|_L,  _W|_L,  _W|_L,  _W|_L,  _W|_L,
  65:     _W|_L,  _W|_L,  _W|_L,  _Op|_P, _P, _Cl|_P, _P, _C
  66: #ifndef LISP
  67: }
  68: #else
  69: },
  71: {   _C, _C, _C, _C, _C, _C, _C, _C,
  72:     _C, _C, _C, _C, _C, _C, _C, _C,
  73:     _C, _C, _C, _C, _C, _C, _C, _C,
  74:     _C, _C, _C, _C, _C, _C, _C, _C,
  75:     _P, _W|_P,  _P, _P, _W|_P,  _W|_P,  _W|_P,  _P,
  76:     _Op|_P, _Cl|_P, _W|_P,  _W|_P,  _P, _W|_P,  _P, _P,
  77:     _W|_N,  _W|_N,  _W|_N,  _W|_N,  _W|_N,  _W|_N,  _W|_N,  _W|_N,
  78:     _W|_N,  _W|_N,  _W|_P,  _P, _W|_P,  _W|_P,  _W|_P,  _W|_P,
  79:     _W|_P,  _W|_U,  _W|_U,  _W|_U,  _W|_U,  _W|_U,  _W|_U,  _W|_U,
  80:     _W|_U,  _W|_U,  _W|_U,  _W|_U,  _W|_U,  _W|_U,  _W|_U,  _W|_U,
  81:     _W|_U,  _W|_U,  _W|_U,  _W|_U,  _W|_U,  _W|_U,  _W|_U,  _W|_U,
  82:     _W|_U,  _W|_U,  _W|_U,  _Op|_P, _P, _Cl|_P, _W|_P,  _W|_P,
  83:     _P, _W|_L,  _W|_L,  _W|_L,  _W|_L,  _W|_L,  _W|_L,  _W|_L,
  84:     _W|_L,  _W|_L,  _W|_L,  _W|_L,  _W|_L,  _W|_L,  _W|_L,  _W|_L,
  85:     _W|_L,  _W|_L,  _W|_L,  _W|_L,  _W|_L,  _W|_L,  _W|_L,  _W|_L,
  86:     _W|_L,  _W|_L,  _W|_L,  _Op|_W|_P,  _W|_P,  _Cl|_W|_P,  _W|_P,  _W|_C   },
  87: #endif
  88: };
  90: ismword(c)
  91: {
  92:     return ((CharTable[curbuf->b_major])[c]&(_W));
  93: }

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