CHOWN(8)                                                              CHOWN(8)

       chown - change owner

       /etc/chown [ -f -R ] owner[.group] file ...

       Chown changes the owner of the files to owner.  The owner may be either
       a decimal UID or a login name found in the password file.  An  optional
       group  may also be specified.  The group may be either a decimal GID or
       a group name found in the group-ID file.

       Only the super-user can change owner, in order to  simplify  accounting
       procedures.   No  errors  are  reported  when  the -f (force) option is

       When the -R option is given, chown recursively descends  its  directory
       arguments setting the specified owner.  When symbolic links are encounā€
       tered, their ownership is changed, but they are not traversed.


       chgrp(1), chown(2), passwd(5), group(5)

4th Berkeley Distribution        May 22, 1986                         CHOWN(8)
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